Why Do They Do It?

As Crazy as it sounds, people abuse animals for more             
reasons than you'd think ! These reason are:

*to control an animal
*to retaliate against an animal
*to retaliate against another person (yes, this is true!)
*to satisfy a prejudice against a species or breed
*to express anger through an animal
*to shock people for amusement
*to displace hostility from a person to an animal

--It is not uncommon for the animal abuser to admit to authorities that they killed an animal to get back at a person they were angry at, or to "punish" the animal for bad behavior

Most people relate to animals as their source of food. People associated with the trading of animals for human consumption, treat animals most cruelly. Animals in the rearing farms live in very poor conditions. Traders are least bothered, as they are more concerned with their profits. They compromise on the quality of living conditions of the animals, in order to provide meat to the consumers at the cheapest price.

The activities related to intentional abuse have deep connections to some severe psychological problems. Surveys conducted on psychiatric patients reveal that people with psychopathic personality disorders have a tendency to torture pets and other small animals. This type of behavior is termed as zoosadism and such people may show similar aggression towards humans as well. It is often found that children and adolescents who show cruelty towards their pet dogs and cats have actually undergone some abusive behavior themselves or have witnessed some forms of abuse.


Most people who abuse animals don't do it on purpose. They hurt animals because they don't think about or realize what they are doing.
Many of these people don't know that what they are doing is cruel. For example, some people don't realize what kinds of shelter different animals need. They may keep a dog in their yard with a doghouse that is on the ground and gets flooded with water when it rains, or they keep their dog on a short chain all of the time.

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